Borehole Drilling


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Percussion Drilling

Percussion drilling is one of the best exploration drilling methods to use if you are first starting out and aren’t entirely sure what to go with. It can be used on most terrains, although it is slow and heavy in comparison to most others.

Percussion exploration drilling methods require the lifting and dropping of a heavy cutting tool. This cutting tool is generally 50kg or heavier, and is used to chip and excavate material from a hole. This tool can be fixed to rope or cable, along with rigid drill rods, and the use of a mechanical winch means that it can reach depths of hundreds of meters.


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Hand-auger Drilling

Hand-auger drilling is similar to percussion drilling, except that the auger head (cutting tool) is rotated into the ground rather than dropped. It is a slow process still, and a lot of hard work. However, it does give you good control over the drilling of the ground, as it is all worked by hand.

It is important to note that this method can only be used for unconsolidated deposits, such as sand, gravel, silt or clay.


Jetting is an exploration drilling method that uses water. It pumps the water down the centre of the drill rod, which jets out so powerfully that it cuts into the ground. The water then returns back up the drill pipe, along with the ground that has been cut away. This is a manual exploration drilling method, and the rotary-action helps to work it. Sludging is a similar method, and it is the opposite of jetting.

There are many other types of exploration drilling methods to choose from, such as rotary percussion drilling, and rotary drilling with flush. You just need to make sure you research into the different types available, so that you know exactly which one is best for you.


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