We bring the technical knowledge,
experience and resourcefulness.
Mr. & Mrs Michael Muriithi
Directors, Kiburu General Contractors
We stay professional and pragmatic
and find the best solutions.
Michael Muriithi
Director, Kiburu Water Drilling Co


Our company boasts of a team of dedicated professionals in the construction industry with a load of experience so as to ensure that all the projects undertaken are delivered on time and that the clients get the best products in terms of quality and target delivery.

The directors of Kiburu General Contractors Ltd have been involved in various projects and their experience accumulated over the years is invaluable to the company and the upcoming young professionals.

Kiburu General Contractors Ltd. organizational structure is matrix in nature revolving around project teams which are both dynamic and flexible operating in far flange areas with adequate support from the head office.


  • is to create long term shareholder value through offering unmatched engineering, construction,borehole drilling and service skills to our customers, for whom infrastructure quality, efficiency and reliability is a must.

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